Hey Ian, how are you today? 

Good! I'm actually just going out soon to record a band called Audio Visceral at my studio, Pro Gold.  


Ya, I know those guys. They work at Beau's Brewing Company, eh?



How did Pro Gold start?

Me and a buddy combined our gear. He had a space and then we took over another room. It's pretty low key, but it's a good space to work in because we're not on the clock with someone else. 


What are some of your most memorable sessions at Pro Gold Studios?

I love all the bands that I work with, but Hashed Out from Montreal I really love. I'm also working with a band called Sick Things from Montreal that I'm really enjoying. 


Public Animal is the band you are playing in now. How did that materialize? 

I've know Eric the bass player for a long time. He used to be in Tricky Woo and I was in a band called Bionic and we used to play shows together a lot. I had a band called Blurtonia for awhile and he was the bass player and I just always loved playing with him. I made a couple records and Caitlin played on one and Ryan played on the other. Caitlin sings and plays keys and Ryan is the drummer. I just thought it would be a really great combination of 4 people, musically. We just tried it and have been boogieing along ever since. Public Animal put a 7 inch out first, then a mixtape then dropped Habitat. 


Public Animal went through a pretty interesting writing process for their latest record, Palace Arms. You had a residency at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto? 

Ya, we wanted to work the songs out live in the same environment without touring. It's kinda like being in your rehearsal space. 


You recorded Palace Arms at Bathhouse Studios which is owned by the Tragically Hip? That's a legendary studio.

That's right. Ya, it's beautiful. They really helped us bring the record to life. 


Was that your first time recording there? 

That was my second time, actually. I produced an album for a band called Elliott Brood at Bathhouse. 


Getting back to your latest record, Palace Arms, you worked with Nyles Spencer on that release, right? 

Yes we did. We were in there for 4 days and just flailed out the songs as best we could. We recorded live off the floor, then overdub on top of that. Nyles really did a great job. Especially the drum sounds. 


You released a music video for 20th Century Strategies. Your drummer, Ryan, put that together.

He did, and he also did another video for, "It Don't Seem Right," which is the first song on the record. It's awesome having something kinda in-house, ya know? We all take care of different parts of the artistic process. I generally take care of the audio and Ryan does video. It's all live footage from our last tour. Ryan shot every show and cut it together. 


I saw there was a shot of you playing at House of Targ in Ottawa.

Oh Ya! I love House of Targ. Everyone who works there is wonderful and it's just a great place to play and I love pinball and I love perogies, so it's a no brainer for me. 


Plans for 2017?

We're (Public Animal) still touring on this record. We are playing Canadian Music Week on April. 22nd, here in Toronto. Playing Oshawa on the 21st, and we're playing the Dominion Tavern in Ottawa this weekend (April. 1). 


I'm also working on the FUBAR TV show. I'm making the record for Night Seeker, which is Deaner's band. Thos songs will be part of the show. 


Any last words?

I am so looking forward to playing Ottawa on Saturday. C'mon out, good show, great lineup!